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Invisible: A Moms Successful Pursuit to be Seen

In the typical American office meeting, women are interrupted in discussion 2 ½ times more than men are.

Less than ⅓ of the top executive roles in 2021 held by women yet women are 51% of the population.


Additionally, one million women are missing from the workforce compared to pre-pandemic.


Women leaders are collaborative and lead with empathy. These types of leaders are uncommon and valuable.


Why aren't there more women in leadership?


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A Professional Mom's Successful Pursuit to be Seen

Amy earned a Psychology degree from Augustana University and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business.


She teaches Organizational Leadership at Southern New Hampshire University and has led groups through the MN Council of Churches Respectful Conversations Project across the state of MN on controversial topics such as the MN amendment defining marriage and guns in MN.


She speaks to women’s groups, conferences, and conventions. She can be found on her Twitter handle, @Lambent_Clarity. 

Visible book cover.jpeg

“I’ve not used my voice in the past as I should. But today, I use my voice. Tomorrow I use my voice. From now on, I use my voice.”

Amy K. Schultz, "Invisible"

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